Wisdom classics – coffee & conversation


What? – An opportunity to go deeper into the perennial wisdom, including Christian contemplative tradition
Who? – Anyone with an interest
Where? – At Avenue Coffee or other mutually convenient location
When? – At any mutually convenient time
dragonlinePerennials Study Group is not a “book group” in any usual sense of the term, but is rather a small network of persons engaged in independent study of titles in a common bibliography who may occasionally meet for conversation about these materials. Obtain a copy of the book that you wish to read, then get in touch for coffee and conversation–from time to time, usually at Avenue Coffee on Echles Street, a short distance south of the University of Memphis.

A suggested focus for slow reading in Spring and Summer 2017 is Olivier Clement’s The Roots of Christian Mysticism: Texts from the Patristic Era with Commentary or one of the other core texts listed in the bibliography linked below. Otherwise, select from the bibliography any title you like. These titles can be purchased through Amazon or any other bookseller.

An open bibliography – for future reading selections
The ethos of heart-centered conversation
What is wisdom school?

Robert Thompson


About Olivier Clement’s “Roots of Christian Mysticism”:

“Anthologies of mysticism abound, but this one is clearly in a class by itself … It is spiritual reading in the true sense–a book to be read and re-read, to be pondered and savored.” –Spirit & Life

“There are some books so good that all one wants to say is: go out, buy it and read it – it is marvelous! And so it is with this fine translation.” –Andrew Louth, Fairacres Chronicle

kabbalahSupplemental Resources:
Inner Work for Spiritual Awakening – Ted Nottingham
New Benedictine Community
New Benedictine Community – On Facebook
Northeast Wisdom – Cynthia Bourgeault
Oriental Orthodox Order in the West
Praxis Research Institute
Royal Road of the Early Church – From Robin Amis, A Different Christianity
Spirituality of the Fourth Way – YouTube – Ted Nottingham
Wisdom Christianity – YouTube – Fr. Bruno Barnhart OSB Cam
Wisdom of the Kingdom – Christian symbolics (Russian Orthodox)
Wisdom Way of Knowing – Cynthia Bourgeault


About the Judeo-Christian wisdom:

“Called the Tree of Life, the Bible is the link between Heaven and Earth and shows us how we can develop a non-linear perception of life through intuition and revelation called vertical thinking.” –Dr. Jerry Epstein